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    Business Cooperation
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    Business cooperation

    Founded in 2000, Hainan Topgion High-Tech Development Co Ltd., a leading and special biotechnology and medical device company, is specialized in developing, producing and marketing High-Energy Bio-ion instruments and related Supplies. The High-Energy Bio-ion instruments we selves-developed not only broke through the difficulties that traditional physical therapy factor is hard to penetrate deeply into human organs and tissues, but also according to the principle of TCM meridian to combined the therapy of acupuncture and moxibustion with the effect of biological ionizing to make the treatment for the disease of coronary heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. Also, it is safe, non-toxic and no side effects during the treatment.

    The High-Energy Bio-ion instruments had been tested with lots of clinical trials, which results were turned out they have significant therapeutic effects. We also had received the ‘Medical Equipment Production License’ and ‘Medical Device Registration Certificate’ that issued by State Food and Drug Administration.

    So, in order to make  our customers enjoy our products with us, we are now looking for distributors and agents around the world. Any interested party welcome to contact with us