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    Marketing Network
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    Marketing network

    As one of the innovative leader of physical therapy instrument enterprise, Topgion  not only focus on producing  instruments to treat the diseases of coronary heart, stroke and hypertension, but also rely on strong technical force and sales channels, as well as brand advantages to promote high-performance new products. Our purpose is to build a professional marketing team and through the network (both domestic and international) to provide the customer for excellent products and comprehensive after-sales service.

    Now, our marketing network has been covering the major cities of the country, with the high professional and fast response marketing team, we  always focus on producing the high quality and good performance products to meet the customers’ need.

     Besides that, we have established a good relationship with lots of distributors and agents all over the country. Every year, we promote our products through all kinds of promotional activities to enhance our brand value. Also provide regular professional training and publicity materials for distributors and agents, as well as with meetings to expand the market.